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Expel the Excuses!

no-excusesWhen it comes to health and fitness, more often than not we find that it’s easier for people to make excuses than face reality. What is that reality? It may be that you’re overweight, but you’re just too busy to find time to exercise. Or maybe it’s that you don’t have time to make healthy meals so it’s easier to pick-up fast food. Or you’re tired. The excuses may seem endless, but we’re here to tell you there’s always a solution!

We challenge you to change your mindset. Whether you’re a current member, prospective member, or someone looking to change your lifestyle, we want to show you how to expel those excuses and find resolutions that can make a world of difference!

Excuse #1: I’m Too Busy

Solution: It’s all about balance. Time won’t magically appear. You have to make time. Your health is most important – to you and others. Schedule time for yourself to exercise, even if it’s only taking a 10-minute walk. Something is better than nothing. Wake up a little earlier, go over your lunch break or after the kids are in bed. After a couple of weeks it will become routine and you’ll be feeling better.


Excuse #2: Eating Healthy is Hard

Solution: Planning makes it easier. Set aside time on Sunday to meal plan for the week and grocery shop. Buy only what’s on your list and put everything together so it’s easy to grab on the go. Going out to eat? Ask the waiter to put half in a doggie bag to bring home for another meal or split the meal with a family member.


Excuse #3: Social Settings

Holiday parties, birthdays, work outings . . . they all add up to overeating. It can be difficult to follow a good nutrition plan in certain social settings

Solution: Offer to bring food and bring something healthy like a veggie platter or protein dish. That way you know you’ll have healthy options. Craving something sweet? Bring plastic baggies and take some sweets home with you for your fun day treat!


Excuse #4: Exercise is Difficult

Solution: It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level, doing anything is better than doing nothing. The more you start moving, the easier it will become. There are tons of low-impact, simple exercises you can try. Start simple and work your way up. No one cares if you can finish a run in a certain amount of time, as long as you finish it.


Excuse #5: Genetics

Surprisingly enough, we hear this one a lot. All my family members are overweight, so it’s in my genetic make-up to also be overweight.

There are a very small number of people who do have a genetic link to being overweight – but this is a VERY small number. Mostly, we inherit our family’s bad habits (not exercising or eating healthy), not bad genes.

Solution: Commit to living a healthier lifestyle and encourage your family to participate as well. It’s going to be harder, not impossible, to succeed if you’re around people who don’t support your lifestyle changes. So get them involved! Join a gym, like Farrell’s, together. Not only are you developing better habits, but you’re also getting to spend more quality time with your family, which seems to be more and more difficult these days.


Excuse #6: Life

Marriage, pregnancy, career changes, births, deaths, moving . . . life happens and it affects our overall health both mentally and physically.

Solution: Be prepared. You don’t know when these life events may happen, but living a healthy lifestyle will help you get through these times and manage stress levels.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start seeing positive changes! Let us know how you keep your excuses at bay and stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. And remember, Farrell’s is here to help! Our program is specifically designed for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Through cardio kickboxing, strength training, nutrition guidance and motivating coaches, you’ll be on your way to Life at Level 10 in no time!


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