Hard Work and A Good Diet Got Me Into Shape

Mark J. – Omaha SW R Plaza

I started looking for fitness programs when I turn 45, as I suddenly realized my body wouldn’t do the same things it did when I was 25.  I knew it was partially due to inactivity, but also knew my diet was horrific.

Farrell’s stood out among all the rest for two reasons, 1) The focus on nutrition, and 2) Training was six days a week.  

It was clear that they weren’t using any gimmicks to get in shape (or lose weight); it was simply hard work and a good diet.

After 10 weeks, I am very happy with the results and find myself looking in the mirror more often, but the real surprise came after I had my cholesterol tested.  

In the years prior to this, I was on the verge of going onto cholesterol lowering statins as my cholesterol was consistently in the 229-242 range. My doctor had convinced me that diet alone wouldn’t lower my numbers enough.

We were both shocked to see my test results….it had gone down to 178! That really validated all my hard work and sacrifices, and it motivated me to make this a permanent lifestyle change.  

A huge thanks to Ashley, Kimmylea, Erin and all the other coaches for their dedication. You can tell they really care about the program and their students. I highly recommend Farrell’s to anyone who is serious about becoming healthier.

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