My Team Kept Me Going

Steve L – Johnston

At the end of my first day of Farrell’s, I thought the program wasn’t right for me.
I’m almost 61 years old and over 300 lbs. Needless to say, I was not in very good shape. It wasn’t me that was the problem.  It was the program and the drill sergeants leading the classes. I hated every minute of it.
I hadn’t worked out like this since the 60’s, and maybe even then I didn’t work this hard. Javier and the coaches, and especially my team members, kept encouraging me and pulling me along. They were trying so hard that I didn’t dare quit. It was so hard that I barely made it home some nights and sometimes fell asleep at the dinner table.  

That was just the beginning.
I made it through the first week, then the second and the next thing I knew it was time for Week 5 testing, and my results (in my book) were incredible.

I more than tripled my sit ups, almost doubled my push ups and lost 17 lbs. I even got my mile time down by over two minutes, but it was the team coming back to finish running in with me that kept me going.  

My cholesterol went down from 217 to 166 and the HDL and LDL and Triglycerides right along with it in just six weeks.  
I must say I tried using my age, my weight and a hundred other reasons to quit. I have never been around such a positive group of people in my life. Everyone is encouraging, and it starts at the top all the way down to the managers and the coaches.  
I finished my 10-Week Challenge down 25 lbs, and I improved all my other baselines as well.  

I have learned a new way of eating and very seldom get hungry. The results have been fantastic, and I even get a shot at dropping my cholesterol medicine for six weeks to see if the diet and exercise takes care of it.
Anyone who believes they are too old and too heavy and not in good enough shape to do Farrell’s should talk to me before they give up on themselves.

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