A Life No Longer Lived On The Sidelines

Darren W. – Ames, Iowa

Thank you for having a class like this. After looking at my before and after pictures, I never would have thought such a change could happen in 10 short weeks.

I can’t WAIT to see what 52 weeks looks like!!

After having been overweight my entire life, and after trying (and failing) one diet/exercise program after another I had nearly given up hope.

Until I signed up and went through the first day of class, I thought “This time was gonna be different. This time I’ll actually do it.”

But unlike other programs, I followed through with this. The encouragement from your staff, trainers and coaches (thanks Sarah!!) made it possible!

The class dynamic, the structure and the shouts of praise from my fellow Farrell’s workout buddies made this program different from all the rest and wanted me to want to finish the class even when some days
I didn’t feel like it.

The days of being clinically depressed, low self esteem and general anxiety about life are over.

My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health have all improved as a result of the last 10 weeks.

For some, it was just a class to maybe lose some weight and or to tone/firm up.

For me, it was a rebirth. The beginning of a new life. A life of inner strength, self-confidence, maturity, discipline and responsibility.

A life no longer lived on the sidelines.

Thank you.

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