I Decided To Go For It

Kelly L. – Urbandale, IowaI recently completed your Spring Farrell’s course … I have known, in my estimation, no less than 20 people who have completed your Farrell’s courses throughout the metro area, and nearly all had amazing results, yet I was hesitant to actually take the challenge.

My reasons, actually excuses, were many. I will spare you the examples, as I am sure you have heard all of them numerous times throughout the years.

One thing was certain, I knew I wanted to improve my overall fitness level and needed something to both motivate and challenge me. With great hesitation, I agreed with a friend to enroll. I arrived for alternate testing on a warm, sunny afternoon, still with great skepticism on what this course could do for me.

As a proud Veteran of our Armed Forces that has completed some of the toughest courses our Military offers, I was unconvinced of the benefit I could receive from “hitting a bag” and “pulling some bands.”

Perhaps another reason for my skepticism was my body composition at the time I enrolled.

At 6ft tall, 155 lbs, I was hardly one you would look at and consider overweight or out of shape.

However, after spending about a half an hour speaking with Ryan C. at one of your graduation parties, I decided to go for it. It is a decision I have yet to regret, and one I wished I would have made much sooner.

Throughout the 10 weeks, I received constant feedback, coaching, and motivation on everything I needed to be successful. Ryan was readily available to answer any question I had, and believe me there were many. I consider myself to be a fairly self-motivated person and since leaving the Military, I have yet to find an individual who can push me harder than I push myself.

That changed when I started attending classes with Ryan. Throughout the 10 weeks, he constantly found ways to keep the classes from becoming monotonous, and ways to push for new levels, when I thought I had achieved all I could.

In closing, just let me say I look forward to being a part of your program over the next year, and as long as you have guys like Ryan leading the way, well into the future.

Thanks again for taking time to hear my story.

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