A Program Built On Positive Feedback

Mike M. — Cedar Rapids, Ia.

One of the things I look at each day is, “how many opportunities do we have to give others “Genuine, Factual Compliments?” Below is an example of an email I sent out the other day. Amanda is one of our newer instructors at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping who has done well with her transformation and is also a great example of what this program can do for you when you work the program as we instruct.  

When I attend a class, whether it’s resistance training or kickboxing, I think it’s important for other instructors to give positive, constructive feedback to the lead instructor.  It only takes a second and the benefits are endless!  

This feedback helps many of our instructors build the confidence necessary to deliver a Level 10 workout, as well as, knocking down a few barriers relaxing this instructor when other instructors attend their class.  
I take a great deal of pride in the ongoing transformations at C Street Farrells (in Cedar Rapids, Ia.). There are a lot of people (instructors, coaches and participants) committed to this program, so if there are opportunities for praise and improvements, I do what I can to deliver a message.


I wanted to drop you a note complimenting you on your instruction of kickboxing class at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.  
Your instructions given to the class prior to and during the entire 45 minutes were clear and concise.  You demonstrated specific movements on the bag for the participants which clarified any possible confusion.  Your transitions from one exercise to the next were very smooth, your encouragement was helpful and the type of workout given was demanding.
Thank you for putting in the time to execute a great class and allow us to have a little fun along the way!



Thank you so much for the feedback and encouragement!  Its hard to judge what people think while they are working and sweating!  I get a little nervous that I am either not doing enough or too much!  It is really great to hear this, made my day!

Thank you again!  See you soon!!

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