Sioux Falls Fitness Program Leads Lindsey to Healthy Weight Loss

Lindsey is a student at the Kings Crossing  Sioux Falls fitness location.  Here’s her transformation story:

My weight problem started when I was in about 5th grade and once I got into middle and high school it only got worse.
I was born with an enlarged blood vessel near my brain, basically an aneurism that has not ruptured, I’d had about 15 surgeries from the time I was born to 20 years old. My parents always told me I couldn’t play any sports or do any extreme activities when I was younger because they were afraid of the effects of my blood pressure being raised. I always took that as “no activity” which was not their intention.

After high school I managed to lose about 50 lbs, but I struggled with addictions and didn’t follow a healthy weight loss method. After I came clean I took a 180 in my life and became a much happier person, but gained a lot of weight with that happiness.  I met my now Fiancé in September of 2007 and I continued to gain a lot of weight. I tried diet pills, weight watchers and some exercise. Every once in a while I would lose 10 lbs here and there but I was so overweight that I would get discouraged very quickly and gain the weight back and then some! In the fall of 2010, at our usual Sunday evening family dinner (where we used to overeat) my sister had brought up Farrell’s and had asked if anyone would want to give it a shot with her.  She later told me that she hesitated to ask because of the feelings she thought I would feel.  Little did she know I would be the one to jump on the FXB wagon. I called her on the way home and we sat down and looked at before and after photos and I knew I could make a change or at least give it a shot!   I can honestly say that signing up for FXB was the best decision I have ever made!

lindsey fitness transformationThe before photo scared me, but I’m so glad I took that picture.  It reminds me of my journey and the life changes I’ve made.  The photos and fitness tests have been a great way for me to track my progress.  I remember the first testing and only being able to do about 14 sit-ups and 11 push-ups (from the knees) and I walked the mile the whole time. At my 5 week testing I was proud that I had worked so hard and realized that it is a lot easier to put all of the fat on that it is to take it off.  I knew I still had a long way to go but the bottom line was I was working for a goal and I was going to achieve it! Looking back now I don’t know how I let myself get to that point. At the end of my 10 week testing I had lost 24 lbs and a lot of inches. There was more work to be done and I was committed to the work! I was not perfect, but I tried my hardest and I made sure to get to class! Fitness after all is a journey!
A year later I still do the program religiously and have now lost 105 lbs and went from a 54% body fat to 31% body fat.

I can’t explain how much Farrell’s has changed my life, it has taught me how to love working out and be healthy and not to take my life for granted!  Farrell’s has taught me to make goals and to do my best to achieve them!  The staff, instructors, coaches and friends I’ve met are such a wonderful support system.  I would have never started this fitness program if it weren’t for my sister taking the risk of bringing up FXB at dinner and so if you get nothing from this blog but one thing, be it that you must take a risk in order to change your life or someone else’s life!

Living Life at Level 10!

Lindsey Kerher


keep up the good work Lindsey!  Click here to learn more about our 10 week fitness programs.

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  1. You look awesome! Keep up the good work!

  2. G’Day! Laurelfarrell,
    Thanks, on a related note, The P90X personal fitness program is best described as an advanced personal fitness training program. It is meant to be implemented at home through a combination of exercises and dietary modifications. It is aimed at people, who already have decent levels of physical fitness, but who aspire to “take it to the next higher level.”

  3. Lindsey,
    I can’t believe that is the same person in the before and after photos. Keep up the awesome work!! What you’ve accomplished is incredible!!

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