West Des Moines Kickboxing Instructor Runs 40 Miles to Celebrate Milestone

dave larson 40 milestone run

How to celebrate a milestone birthday at level 40!

You can find Dave Larson later today teaching a kickboxing class at our Ashworth Road location in West Des Moines.  On Sunday, Dave celebrated his 40th birthday by running a mile for every year.  Dave has been living life at level 10 for a few years now, beginning as a 10 week participant, and he’s been coaching new groups of 10 week students and instructing kickboxing and strength training classes ever since.

body transformation farrell's

Dave agreed to share his before/after images from his first 10 week session.

When asked what role Farrell’s played in his milestone effort, Dave explains, “I think Farrell’s played a very important role!  FXB helps keep me fit (and sane) during the Midwest’s cold winter months.  The program is an outstanding cross-training activity to supplement my running.  I used it to enhance my training and to work on my core, which is essential for any runner.”

Here’s a link to the TV13 story about Dave’s run.

Here's Dave after a year of FXB. Way to go!

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