Ankeny Fitness Program Sparks ‘Ridiculous’ Fitness Transformation Results


I am 44 years old, out of shape, eating terrible, not exercising, and feeling terrible about myself.

I have a great example on how to live a healthy life. My wife Yvonne, has been a health nut for as long as I have known her. Health nut is a loving term. She has always exercised 6 days a week and is the healthiest person I know.

We have been married for 22 years but it never wore off on me. I needed to find something that would hold me accountable and give me an opportunity to show my will power. So after years of hearing the FXB commercials on the radio I decided to walk in on Friday night September 9th, and ask some questions. The next day was testing for the fall session.

I went in with every intention of coming up with a reason not to enroll, but Lisa, the manager of the Ankeny north Gym, never gave me a reason or an opportunity to say no thanks, this isn’t for me. I did the testing the next day and started the program Monday September 12th, 2011.

I was nervous that first night but my coach, Stephanie and her boyfriend Matt really made sure I was comfortable as did all the fit members around me.  I knew that night it was a perfect fit for me. The class goes by so quickly and was so fun it wasn’t like working out, but the sweat all over the floor proves that it is.

The nutrition plan that Farrell’s recommends is easy to follow and is very satisfying.  So I’m off and running on the workouts and the nutrition, and I really want the best results possible, so I give 100%.


After the first week I lost 5 pounds, 4 for the second week then 4 more, then 4 more, and then 6 pounds on the 5th week.

5 weeks in, half way done with the 10 week session and I was down 23 pounds and lost enough inches  off my waist that I needed to go down  one size on my jeans.

  • 5 weeks and I wasn’t winded walking up a flight of stairs.

  •  5 weeks and I wasn’t embarrassed about the size of my stomach.

  • 5 weeks and I felt like I was 10 years younger.

Needless to say I was excited for the next 5 weeks.

The next 5 weeks were just as exciting and fun. The workouts got easier as I was getting more fit, so the staff at Farrell’s mixes it up to keep you on your toes.


At the end on my 10 weeks I had lost 41 pounds, 8.2% of my body fat, and 26 total inches.

Those are measured at your waist, hips, chest, arms and thighs.

Farrell’s has a saying:  RESULTS ARE TYPICAL, these results are ridiculous.

10 weeks and I was a different man.  I got confidence back that I didn’t realize I had lost.

I didn’t stop after those 10 weeks. I am now a fit member and have just completed my 22nd week since I started the program.

I have now lost 62 pounds , 35 ¼ total inches and am easily in the best shape of my life. I have not missed a workout since I started back on September 12th. I have never once said to myself I really don’t want to go to Farrell’s today. I want to go there and I look forward to the workouts. I want to keep my new way of living  going in the right direction.

My wife Yvonne, my son Ben and my daughter Peyton are the most important things in the world to me, so I won’t be sitting back watching life go by anymore. Life is short and living that way is nonsense.

My son Ben, who is 16 years old, was so inspired by what I had accomplished that he wanted to go through a 10 week session just for the workouts since he is between sports in High School.

He really didn’t plan on losing much weight but he is down 19 pounds in 5 weeks.

I think this Farrell guy has something figured out here.

Living life at Level 10 is attainable and I plan on doing just that.

–Rob Silvers

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  1. Fantastic results Rob!!! I’m lovin’ the new slogan idea too … RESULTS ARE RIDICULOUS:-)

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