Des Moines Woman’s Life Changing Fitness Transformation

taekwondo mom before and after

These images depict the actual results of one of our members. Individual results may vary.

I have had the most incredible year.   This year I have found confidence, happiness in my career, and have conquered fears while turning 40 years old.    Being a role model, is one such role that I never felt worthy of being.  It has taken stepping outside of my comfort zone and putting myself out there to know that it is a role that I accept and I am honored to have.  I live life at Level 10!

My Farrell’s journey started almost 9 years ago.  My daughter and I started the Tae Kwan Do program together.  I had a very busy career as a Pharmacist and worked nights, weekends and holidays.   Being in Tae Kwan Do together made sure that we spent quality time together, plus we were bettering our minds and bodies.

About 2 years after starting, I rolled my ankle during sparing class and ended up tearing some tendons that required surgery.   Needless to say, my inactivity for 4 months caused me to gain about 25 lbs.   I also became aware of how weak I was, as I was on crutches for 2 months.   Physical therapy was hard and I really needed to build strength in my legs to be able to return to Tae Kwan Do.   At this same time, my husband Dave, was also very overweight and had decided with the opening of the Farrell’s in Johnston that he would finally join.    I joined FXB as soon as I was cleared from physical therapy.   My whole goal was to complete my 10 weeks and then start Tae Kwan Do again.   What I didn’t expect was to love the program and the team as much as I did.   I decided that I would continue with the FIT program and slowly try to come back to Tae Kwan Do.

Dave and I started coaching teams soon after our 10 weeks.  This took me way out of my comfort zone.  I was a very shy, self conscious person.  Never was I a person that wanted to be center of attention and talking in front of a group was just out of the question.   What I did next was completely amazing and forever life changing.   I became an instructor!   I remember instructing that first Resistance bands class.  I was sweating more from nerves, then from exercise.   But I loved the feeling of giving back to others what was given to me, so I continued.   Dave too became an instructor.   Hannah achieved black belt status in Tae Kwan Do.

Our whole family has benefitted from Farrell’s in so many ways.  After the first year of FIT, Dave had lost 100lbs.   He has continued to keep it off and never misses a day of class.  I even had a 2nd ankle surgery in 2010 and bounced back.   I let my ankle decide a lot of activities for me I realized.   My ankle wasn’t the limiting factor in my continued fitness journey.  It was my mind and my spirit.  Once I decided that I needed to push myself further, then my transformation really began. .  I have gone from a size 14 to a size 4 in 5 years losing 40 lbs.

taekwondo mom zip lineOne of the greatest events of my life happened in June 2014 when I trained to climb a 14,000 ft mountain in Denver, Co, went white water rafting and zip lining as well.  I left my comfort zone and decided that fear of adventure was stopping me from enjoying life!   I climbed that mountain and it forever changed me.  I stepped off of the zip lining platform and finally knew what it felt to let myself go.   I let myself feel that “out of my control feeling” for the first time in my life.  Sometimes you have to let go and just see where life takes you.   I realized that if I don’t try to do what I’m passionate about as a career, I’ll never know if I can succeed.   That moment lead me to start Positively Wellness, my company I started in September to help people make a healthy lifestyle change.   It’s not often enough that people are able to make a midlife career change.  Most people are too scared or just not financially able to make the change.  I was definitely scared but I told myself that sometimes happiness is more important.  My husband and daughter support my new career and see that it benefits the whole family.  I received my Health coach certification and my personal trainer certification.    My reward in life is seeing the changes that fitness and healthy living makes for a person.   It’s better than anything monetary that I was getting from a career that I didn’t enjoy.

taekwondo mom mountain topIf I can climb that mountain, what mountains in life can I climb and overcome?      I can be a role model to women and men. Show them that health and happiness are something everyone has a right to have in their life.  Being that role model has always been uncomfortable for me.  I never felt that I was worthy of that spot light.   When I changed my life and made healthy eating and fitness a priority, I finally felt that I could be a role model.   It wasn’t just looks, it was because I lived the life I was educating people about.  I wasn’t just educating, I was practicing what I preach.

I’ve learned this year that you have to be a little uncomfortable in order to do something amazing.   It’s ok!  Being a little awkward only means that you care enough to go out and do something that you want more than you care about how you look or feel like doing it.   Every now and then you need to let go and experience life at Level 10.

Disclaimer: The above testimonial was contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

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