I Look Forward to Going to Every Class at Farrell’s

Liz Before and After

These images represent the actual results of one of our members. Individual results may vary.

In 1999 I found out that I was pregnant with my first of two boys. I was so caught up in the excitement that I immediately began eating for two. By the time my son arrived it was no surprise that I had gained over 100 lbs.

Thirteen years later, at over 325 lbs I was still carrying the “baby” weight. Over a number of years I tried many different programs in an effort to lose the weight. I tried Weight Watchers twice, Nutri-System and Atkins in addition to taking a variety of weight loss pills. I also had a gym membership which was paid for by my employer as well as gym equipment in my basement. I rarely found the time to use either. I would have short-term success with losing weight on many of these programs, however, as soon as I stopped I always gained it all right back.

At age 45 I was still well over 300 lbs. I was suffering from sleep apnea, had high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and borderline diabetes. I had no energy, no motivation and very few friends because I never wanted to leave the house or even my recliner. I was embarrassed by my appearance, my eating was out of control and all I wanted to do was stay home and sleep. I was miserable. I just felt “stuck” both mentally and physically and knew that I had to make a change.

In July 2012, I started counseling with a nutritionist at the University of Iowa in preparation for gastric bypass surgery. The surgery was scheduled for and took place in January of 2013. From the time I began the nutrition counseling to 6 months post-surgery, I lost nearly 75 lbs. Along with this initial weight loss I also lost most of the adverse health effects that came along with being morbidly obese.

Gastric bypass surgery was a tool to help start me on the road to a healthier lifestyle. I joined a water aerobics class and started walking on my treadmill every other day. I was making positive steps with both diet and exercise but it wasn’t long until I hit a plateau with my weight loss and found myself slowly reverting back to my old eating habits. It was a terrifying realization that even after having undergone extensive surgery that I could fall right back into the same routine and regain the weight. I knew I had to do something different – there was no way I was going back!

I had heard the radio commercials advertising for the Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping 10-week program. I was always intimidated by the thought of joining. This time after hearing the commercials something was different and I could actually see myself doing it. Then when I got a Groupon in my email I knew it was a sign. I reached out on Facebook to see who else was up for the challenge and was very fortunate to get two friends to join with me. There was no turning back now!

Having never done a program as intense as Farrell’s, I was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. At the initial orientation while running the mile in the rain, I was hit with a harsh realization of just how out of shape I truly was. I told myself that if I could survive this, I could make it through class. Day 1 of kickboxing came. I was sweating more than I had ever before and was struggling to catch my breath. I desperately wanted to quit or die…and that was just during the 15-minute warm up.

Since my 10-week session a lot has changed. I have lost another 25+ pounds, I have lost inches and dropped my body fat, but what I have gained is so much more than I could have possibly imagined!

I recently passed my year anniversary as a member of Farrell’s. At the age of 47  I look forward to going to class every day. I am surrounded with the most incredible group of positive, supportive, encouraging, motivating and inspirational people

I’ve ever met. I now plan my days around my workout and can’t imagine not having my Farrell’s family as part of my everyday life!

During this past year my transformation has transpired in so many ways. I’ve gained confidence, physical and mental strength, muscle tone, discipline and the ability to make my work out a priority for me.

So much can be accomplished through Farrell’s. I believe so much in what the program can do that I enrolled our 12-year-old son into the teen program. In just 5 weeks you could begin to see his self-confidence build as he pushed himself outside of his comfort zone.

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping truly has changed my life in so many positive ways. Last winter, for the first time in over 20 years, I was able to go sledding with my kids. Recently I completed my first 3 mile obstacle course. This is just the start of my transformation and I’m excited to see what’s yet to come.

Liz is a FIT member at our Coralville, IA Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

The following images represent the actual results of one of our members.  Individual results may vary.

Disclaimer: The above testimonial was contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

About Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a results based fitness program for participants of any age. In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make real changes in your fitness and overall health.

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