You Can’t Be Anything for Anybody, Unless You Take Care of Yourself!

Feb. 2011 Family Photo

Feb. 2011 Family Photo

I finally made the decision that I needed to make a change in my life to find more energy, and regain my sanity. I felt like I needed to rediscover myself. I had gained 15 lbs. in a year and believe the weight gain was due to a stressful daily routine, lack of sleep and this mother’s best friend – wine!

I am 34 years old, I work from home and I am a stay at home mother of 3 young toddlers ages 5 and 3 ½ year old twins. I always considered myself an active, optimistic person but I would often put my own personal needs on the back burner. I had my first child in July 2009 then exactly one year later in July of 2010 I found out I was expecting twins.  The following year in February 2011, I gave birth via C-section.  I had three children in less than 2 years and I was discovering that finding time for myself was becoming increasingly more difficult.

Over the next few years I found that the weight I had put on just stayed on. I was coping with getting very little sleep, I was constantly chasing and keeping up with the toddlers, all the while managing household chores and work. The stress magnified as I continuously tried to keep up with everything. With 3 toddlers who are constantly pulling everything out, pushing for independence, but still requiring my undivided attention, I felt as if I was in a constant state of feeling that I was not accomplishing anything. I had this overwhelming feeling that I was unable to keep anyone happy.

In February 2013, we experienced another major family event. My 63-year-old father suffered a major stroke. After four months

of inpatient hospitalization and inpatient rehab, he moved into my home with my family. I helped him with his recovery, took him to physical therapy, and helped with his daily needs and all along I was also taking care of my three toddlers. In February 2014, my parents completed the work on their home and it became handicapped accessible. My Dad then moved back home with my mom. That year was a true test of my sanity and spirit. I was always feeling reactive rather than proactive. I felt like I had no control over the situations in my life. My focus had been in its entirety taking care of those around me.

My weight and waistline had increased and I was mentally exhausted. Although my exercise consisted of running outside as well as spurts of workouts through various gym memberships, I still managed to gain 15 pounds. I found myself weighing more in Feb. 2014 than a year after I had the twins! I decided I needed to find a way to deal with my day-to-day stressful routine and making time for myself. I made the decision that it was time to take time for ME.

I joined Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping for the Spring 10-Week Session in 2014. My main goal was to get my core back and gain some energy. I documented my own pictures along the way and I absolutely couldn’t believe the change! The first few weeks were physically challenging, but the emotional release was amazing. I was “leaving it all on the mat.” Taking my daily stress out during my 45 minute workouts was the challenge I needed. At the 3 ½ week mark I remember proudly showing my husband that I could now do 12 push-ups on my toes! At my 5-week testing, I dropped 40 seconds on my mile, did 18 push-ups on my toes, I lost a couple of inches off my waist, and I was smiling! I could feel my body changing. Although I was not yet losing weight I was not at all discouraged. I had increased so much in strength, gained confidence and felt so much more energized.

Amy before and afterI proudly blew past most of my 5 week goals and at my 10 week testing my final stats were:
– 9.9 lbs. lost
– 3.2 % body fat lost
– 11 inches total lost which 4.5 was from my waist and 3 from my hips
– Went from 3 push-ups on my toes (barely pushed those up!) in one minute to 38 push-ups on my toes!
– 33 sit-ups in 1 minute to 54 in 1 minute
– Sit and reach increased by 3 1/2 inches
– Mile run went from 7:48 to 6:24

I have continued my commitment to myself. I became a FIT member and I am now an instructor and a coach. I can now share the joy and energy Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping has brought to me. My strength training and inches lost around my stomach continue to motivate me and I continue to set new goals. I ran my first 10k this fall and finished under an hour! I discovered that telling others that I lost 10 pounds through the program is deceiving. I have gotten so much more out of the program. My physical transformation has been amazing and the “feel good” that comes along with “Life at Level 10” is priceless. There is never an excuse for me to not make a 45 minute workout. It was and is still easy to stay committed. I love that all I do is show up to class and just when I think I can’t do anymore I push a little harder and before I know it, class is over.

Not only has the program given me more energy but my patience with my kids has also increased greatly! My work life and marriage are also flourishing and I feel more in control than I ever have! I was able to get my older sister to join and she has lost over 30 lbs. She also loves the program and has continued on as a FIT member to reach her goals (Go Stacie!).

I want to thank my location manager, Chris Nims, the other instructors and FIT members at the Edgewood location for continuously pushing me in my 10 week session as well as daily. I especially want thank my husband and family for their support! They make it possible for me to never miss my 6:30 PM class time. This is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was because I was ready for a change. Farrell’s has given me what I need to continue to be the best mom, wife, colleague and the absolute best Amy that I could be!

Amy's Transformation

Amy’s Transformation


Amy is a FIT member at our Edgewood, Cedar Rapids Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

About Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a results based fitness program for participants of any age. In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make real changes in your fitness and overall health.

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