Superman on the Mat at FXB Columbus

We have strong athletes at FXB Columbus, many of whom are runners. Columbus, IN hosts an annual Boston-qualifying marathon, and several of our members have completed half and full marathons after getting in shape on our mat. Some of them make distance running a habit and wear their finisher shirts to the gym after their most recent races. We are always proud of our members’ accomplishments and love to see them setting new goals.

image001We are accustomed to seeing FIT member Kevin Meyer in his race wear, a shirt from a half marathon here, a jacket from a full marathon there. Kevin is a quiet guy. He is kind and polite, and for the last two and a half years he has taken his red square in the front, right corner of the mat every morning at the 5:00 AM class. On resistance training days, he is one of the first to band up and one of the last to lose good form. On kickboxing days you’ll never see him take it easy, and he leaves the puddle of “liquid awesome” to prove it!

Kevin is also a very humble guy. When he ran a Boston-qualifying time at the Mill Race Marathon in our home town in September 2014 (a situation in which most people would be shouting the news from the rooftops) only a few friends on the FXB mat knew what he had accomplished and the great challenge that was on the horizon.

Kevin took on the Boston Marathon on April 20th of this year. Of the more than 30,000 people who entered, he was seeded 11, 240 and finished 9,578, a tremendous accomplishment! It was cold, rainy, and windy, but despite the weather, Kevin finished 828th in his age group out of more than 2,000 people.

When he wrote to our Columbus owners Erik and Lindsay Piper about his experience, his email was simply titled, “Thanks to you and your staff.” He went on to describe the challenging elements, and how the medical tents had been 90% full at one point. But most moving was his account of the athletes who were physically impaired as well as the survivors of the 2013 bombing.

image004“It was a truly unbelievable experience on so many levels. The mobility impaired group starts much earlier than the regular runners. I passed a guy on crutches at the top of Heartbreak Hill (21 miles). He had only one leg. I passed a blind runner and his guide at mile 25. A man from Ecuador who suffers from a rare muscle disorder finished early this morning after 20 hours on the course. He is hoping the Boston Athletic Association will still give him a medal. It was surreal to stand where the bombs went off and it’s impossible not to cry when the victims and/or their families take back their lives by defiantly crossing the finish line. I will never forget passing by 26.2 miles of cheering and screaming spectators.”

image005On the heels of such an amazing accomplishment, Kevin’s focus was never on himself, with the exception of his future goals. Kevin has his sights set on completing the World Marathon Majors. With Boston down, he is entered in Berlin on September 27th, planning on Tokyo in February 2016, and will shoot for Chicago, London, and New York after that. On the Farrell’s mat, looking so studious in his glasses and quietly putting in the hard work to stay fit, he is like Clark Kent. Up until now, only a few fortunate people had a chance to know that when he hits the pavement he is like Superman. Kevin is a world-class runner and a world-class guy. We at FXB Columbus are very proud of him, and we’re looking forward to cheering him on through the rest of the World Marathon Majors!

Kevin is a FIT member at our FXB Columbus, Indiana location.


Disclaimer: The above testimonial was contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.


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