Farrell’s Inspired Me to Change My Whole Lifestyle!

My girlfriend completed the Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping 10-week challenge six months prior to when I started the challenge myself. I was in very poor health and becoming increasingly overweight to the point where my knees and back constantly hurt and I could barely tie my own shoes. At her 10-week party I was impressed with how positive and caring everyone was with each other and was immediately struck with how accepting they all were. I made a decision then to join but it still took some extra motivation from my girlfriend to get me there the following winter session.

I remembered being so angry that I had to work out and diet and was very fearful of going through the pain and humiliation of being obese and working out at a gym in front of dozens of other people and trainers. I had tried gyms in the past, but didn’t like them because I often would feel ashamed of myself and was never motivated to do a full workout if I ever even went.

It didn’t take me long after starting to know that FXB Lincoln Park was going to save my life. The trainers and my fellow peers were all friendly and supportive throughout the 10-week challenge. I found myself looking forward to getting to the gym a few minutes early so I can catch up with my new friends and didn’t mind the 45 minutes of intense workout every day. It felt like by the time my body would give out, the class was over and I felt rewarded for surviving. I never felt judged, not once. I think that having developed the huge support network that Farrell’s provides ensured I would succeed there.

Above images provided by Kevin. Individual results may vary.

At the beginning of the challenge I weighed 338 lbs. By the end of the 10-week challenge, I weighed 304 lbs., had doubled my push-ups and sit-ups, and had drastically reduced my body size. On top of that, I actually won the challenge. I put the $1,000 prize towards a wedding ring and my girlfriend and I shortly after were engaged (our friends from FXB Lincoln Park helped me tape the engagement). I have now been at Farrell’s for nearly a year and have continued losing weight. I now weigh 253 lbs. and have gone through two wardrobe overhauls in the past year. I weigh less than I did in high school and am more flexible and fit than I have been in a decade!

Farrell’s helped me to save my own life. They have inspired me to change my whole lifestyle. Not once did I feel ashamed of myself while I was working out. I’ve come out of it richer in every way: new friends, a healthy body and mind, a great outlet for a crappy work day, and a supportive and positive community I get to spend time with six days a week, while I just happen to engage in 45 minutes of intense kickboxing or strength training.

Most importantly, the experience and what I have achieved brought me closer to my wife who has worked out beside me every day for the past year. Our wedding was in October of 2015 and I was able keep up with her on our honeymoon in Hawaii, including daily hikes and having my shirt off on a beach (something I have not been willing to do in over a decade).

If you are looking for a place to improve your health in any way and want a supportive and accepting community to do it in, Farrell’s is your place. Regardless of how fit you are currently, Farrell’s will help you overcome the obstacles in your way to make the lifestyle change that you desire. It kicked my butt when I first started and could barely do a few push-ups, and now I can kick the boxing bag’s butt!

Kevin O. is a FIT Member at our Farrell’s Lincoln Park location in Chicago, IL.

Disclaimer: The above testimonial was contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

About Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a results based fitness program for participants of any age. In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make real changes in your fitness and overall health.

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