5 Foods That Increase Motivation

Foods to increase motivationWe can all use a little more motivation in our daily lives. Try adding these types of foods into your snacks and meals to increase your motivation and get through those long days at the office.

  1. High-Fiber Foods: Whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans help stabilize blood sugar levels and sustain energy levels.
  2. High Antioxidants: Foods with high amounts of vitamin A, C and E are anti-inflammatory and help blood flow to the brain ensuring optimal function. Fruits, especially berries and tomatoes and vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are a few to try out.
  3. Omega 3: Foods high in omega 3’s such as oily fish, seeds and nuts have been shown to improve cognitive function, thus helping with motivation and concentration. They help the brain process and are also anti-inflammatory.
  4. Foods with Dopamine: Sunflower seeds, bananas and caffeine have dopamine, a chemical that increases motivation and concentration. Green tea and dark chocolate contain polyphenols, which decrease cell death and help brain function. Beware of too much caffeine intake though as it could have the opposite effect and make you dehydrated.
  5. B6 and B12 Vitamins: Foods rich in B6 include eggs, whole grains, fish, meat and nuts. Foods rich in B12 include dairy, seaweed, eggs and fish. These vitamins help cognitive brain function, protect the brain from nerve damage and increase memory and concentration.





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