Acceptance, Commitment and Success with Farrell’s!

Heather Today

Heather Today

First and foremost, there is nothing special about me. I was in a significant battle with my weight (not just a little bit of weight, I might add) and seeking a healthy lifestyle. When I found Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping and started my 10-week challenge in October of 2011, I committed myself to the workouts, fell in love with the people (all of you), and found spurts of relatively minimal weight loss. It was not until August of 2015 that I decided to fully commit to both elements – exercise and nutrition. I remember thinking over those three and a half years that I was at times committing fully, but I knew in my heart that was not the truth. This story is about commitment and what it took to get there. Since then, I have lost 100 pounds – no pills, no supplements, no surgery – just exercise, eating right, a whole lot of honesty and self-reflection…and an unwavering commitment to all of it. I’ve also started running for the first time in my life!

This journey has been, for me, one of acceptance. I have had to accept so many things – to start, to continue, and to persevere – on this journey. I have had to accept many realities – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ones. I have had to accept that what I thought were truths about my weight, were actually excuses that I told myself in order to stay comfortable and stuck. I had to accept that the excuses that sounded so legitimate – “I don’t have a thyroid” (I had a total thyroidectomy in 2005), “I don’t eat in secret”, “I don’t eat that bad”, “I work out every day” were in reality mental blocks that kept me from being successful.

So what happened in August that made it mentally easier to commit and accept that something had to change about how I take care of my body? Well, there are many reasons why “now” was “the time” for me; a culmination of things that I don’t necessarily have the space to write about here. But, the one “why” that was most powerful to me was watching my in-laws die of complications from Type 2 Diabetes. This particular, preventable illness is totally devastating and a horrifying way to die slowly. I was NOT going to allow my partner to lose me that way. What was I waiting for – for my fears of getting diabetes to come true – to choose to fight that battle rather than this battle? No way. So, I decided to accept that I was definitely on the path to developing that disease if I didn’t act. It’s not my nature to wait to take action, so why was I waiting for Type 2 Diabetes to strike before I chose to do something? Thinking back now…I believe that I truly thought that the pain and suffering my weight was causing me was for some reason less of a burden than what I would go through to do something about it. How wrong I was.

Reflecting on my “mindset” – again, I decided to stop lying to myself and to stop giving up on myself. I decided to follow this 100%. Literally, 100%! My mindset was – you do NOT give up on anyone in your life, why do you continue to give up on yourself? I knew that in reality, every time I gave up on myself, I was also giving up on the people who love me. I had to accept that I actually have the tools, that I’m the only one who can choose whether or not to use them.

I have had to redefine what I “deserve”. I accepted that I deserve to be healthy, active, adventuresome, and to feel good in my skin. I had to accept that deserving “food” was another lie I was telling myself. Yes, I work hard, I have stressful days, I have a lot of responsibility, I do a lot for a lot of people – so why would I reward myself for those things – with the very thing that was keeping me “sick” and “fat”? I accepted that what I deserve is to reward myself with clean food, laughter, hugs, and self-compassion.

I have learned through this process to talk to the people who I love in a real and vulnerable way. I have amazing and unconditional family and friends. Once I decided to stop hiding from my shame and protecting my ego, they stopped hiding me from my shame and protecting my ego. Thankfully, I can honestly say, the shame that is tied to my weight is not as much of an issue, but it took a great deal of honest self-reflection to get there. I truly believe this is an essential part of this process. We all have to be willing to have really honest conversations about how hard (or not) we really are working – on the mat, on the bag, with the bands, and then every minute of the day when we’re facing choices about what we eat and drink.

Finally, I had to accept the difference between having “committed” thoughts and feelings and “not committed” thoughts and feelings. I had to learn not to just stuff it down and tell myself, “I need to focus”. I have to do an honest assessment, recognize those destructive “not committed” thoughts and feelings and decide what I actually need to do with those thoughts and feelings – not how to “eat” them out of existence. In the history of time, eating our emotions has never worked – it won’t work this time either.

Of course there are 100 more pages I could write about this process for me. However, what I think is most relevant here – I was doing the right thing by staying committed to my workouts for all of those years. I created a foundation that helped my weight loss. BUT, I realized, that I was not going to lose the weight until I was honest and committed to my nutrition as well (not my diet, but my nutrition – there is an important distinction). The reason Farrell’s works is because it addresses both. Commit to this, commit to you, and make this a lifestyle! Self-deprecation has never gotten us what we want long-term.

Heather is a member at our Fort Collins, CO Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location!


If you’re ready to make a change to be a healthier you, find a location and enroll today in our summer 10-week challenge!


Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photo was contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

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