Farrell’s Makes You Stronger Than Your Excuses

Antonio now

Antonio from Farrell’s Edgewood, Cedar Rapids, IA

Throughout my entire life I’ve always been overweight. At a young age I was always told to “take it easy” on my friends when we would rough house because I was bigger and “could really hurt them.” I was afraid to go swimming because of the things someone might say to me. When we played games at recess I was always picked last because I was the slowest. All of those things transitioned into adulthood and in a way I never really left that blacktop.

Self-confidence was never anything that came easy, but it was something that I could mask with humor. I was always smiling and laughing but every day I woke up and I hated the person I saw in the mirror. My eating habits had been awful for as long as I can remember. I had to do what I could to counter my diet so I played sports almost all throughout school. I played football, basketball, and baseball for school and for fun on weekends, but it wasn’t enough. I was still gaining weight and the sports seemed to just slow the process. Food has always been a form of comfort and a way to relieve stress. Even after all the sports and doing my best to watch what I ate, it wasn’t enough.

As I grew older it only seemed to get worse. My poor eating habits continued as I transitioned into college. With stress from school and work I began to dig a hole I felt I could never climb out of. This trend followed me until I was 25 years old. High blood pressure and diabetes run in my family and I knew if I continued down this road I would end up very sick in the years to come.

At the beginning of 2014 my girlfriend and I went on a cruise and one of the best things about traveling is trying all the new types of food. We were gone for a week and ate virtually the entire time because it’s vacation. At the end of our trip I got sick due to the airplane trips and general being surrounded by a lot of people and germs. I went to the doctor who went though all my typical numbers and when I heard her say my weight I wanted to cry. I was 283 lbs. It was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and in that exact moment I knew it was time to change. It was a wake-up call of everything that my future held if I didn’t make a big lifestyle change and fast. Sitting on a cold table in a still doctors office when I’m 40 while they tell me I’m dying of heart disease is not the future I ever envisioned for myself. At that moment I was no longer dreaming about being healthy and active but I was truly, mentally ready.

Two Farrells members in the gym

Antonio at Farrell’s

My longtime friend Drew told me about how he joined a body shaping program called Farrell’s. He initially joined to lose a few pounds and to start living an active lifestyle. He tried for the longest time to get me to join because I was always talking about wanting to change, but like so many people, working out sounded better in my head than actually doing it.

After about six months of him telling me about it I decided to make the commitment. No more excuses. No more “dreaming”. It was finally time to take control of my life and to stop coasting by. Before Farrell’s, I was angry. I was irritable. Overall, I was a very unhappy person who bottled up a lot of hate. I was angry at myself for not doing the things I needed to do to love myself.

In January 2015 I had my orientation and I couldn’t have been more nervous, but I was ready to make the change and jump in with both feet. We measured numbers that I’ve never kept track of in my entire life. I ran a mile, did push-ups and sit-ups, and monitored my heart rate, just to name a few. But even after all of that, at the very end, we sat down and talked with Chris, the business manager, and I knew I was home. The energy and positivity in that room let me know I was exactly where I was meant to be. Working out in a gym has never worked for me in my entire life, but this was different. It didn’t matter if the person next to you is more fit or has been there longer. Everyone goes through the same workout but you push yourself to hit your own level 10. Level 10 is when you push yourself as hard as you’re able to while maintaining proper form to complete exhaustion. Yes, different people have different levels, but that’s not what’s important. As long as you’re pushing yourself, over time you will see amazing results.

I remember my first class like it was yesterday. I walked in, put my wraps on, and before I knew it we began our warm-up. That alone was the hardest workout I’ve ever done and we were just getting started. That right there is when I was immediately hooked. Farrell’s is about making you embrace that feeling of discomfort. No one sees great change staying in their comfort zone. I was where I was in my life because I had coasted by doing what I was comfortable doing. You are going to be tired. You are going to be sore. There will be days where you don’t want to do it. The most important thing to take from Farrell’s is keep pushing yourself and don’t let up. The program is about being stronger than your excuses. Remember your goals and every reason you signed up for the program.

Every time I walked on to that mat I took myself, and what I was doing, very seriously. The hardest part about signing up was just getting up to my car to drive to class. Once I was there, pushing myself was the easy part. Being surrounded by the positivity and knowing that every single person in class was there for the exact same reason. In one way or another we were all there to better ourselves. With only 45 minutes in class I didn’t have time to waste. I put my head down, kept my feet moving and I never let up until I heard our instructor yell “TIME!” at the very end of each class.

My friend, Drew, had helped me push myself harder than I ever thought possible. He was there every step of the way to help me with my nutrition and workouts in class. He was not only my friend but really became my mentor. I came in every single day not missing a single class and at the end of my 10 weeks the difference in how I looked and felt was night and day.

Antonio Before and After (Individual results may vary)

Antonio Before and After (Individual results may vary)

My cardio was greatly improving, I lost 15 inches overall, and I had lost 25 lbs.* Numbers are great, but at the end none of that mattered. How I felt was something I had never experienced in my entire life. Once I was finished with my time as a 10-weeker I went on to becoming a coach. I loved what Farrell’s has done to me – not only my physical state, but mental state. I wanted to help the next group of 10-weekers begin their transformations.

Because of Farrell’s I walk around with my head high and confidence up. I started taking my job more seriously and got a promotion and everything in my life fell into place. I was happy again. I was smiling and worked to the point where I was not only proud of who I saw in the mirror, but I was able to love myself. Farrell’s was everything I had been looking for to turn my life around and was the best choice I had ever made in my life. I carried that ability with me my whole life, Farrell’s just helped me find it and changed my entire life for the greater. I truly could not have made it through these past 8 months without the relentless support from my girlfriend Kaitlyn, my good friend Drew, and the rest of my family and friends. Every day I wake up I’m grateful for the air I breathe and another day to work towards bettering myself. Thank you Farrell’s for giving me my life back! I am now 50 lbs.* lighter since I started in January of 2015, and I’m just getting started!
Antonio is a FIT Member at our Edgewood Cedar Rapids, IA Farrell’s location.


* Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

About Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a results based fitness program for participants of any age. In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make real changes in your fitness and overall health.

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