Farrell’s Holds Us Accountable!

Ben and Jen Before Farrell's Bettendorf 10-week programBen and Jen have been married for 17 years and together for 22. Unfortunately, only about eight of those years were healthy. They ate what they wanted, rarely worked out and tried diets and exercise classes with very little success. Nothing worked at giving them long-term motivation or results until they found Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping.

Ben’s Story:

I’m not an exercise person, or anyone that proclaims to know what is good or bad about exercise programs. Honestly, I’ve never really understood the mentality of getting up and putting yourself out there like that. Jen, my wife, had been looking for something that we could do together. She signed us up at Farrell’s Bettendorf after some trepidation on my part. We showed up for orientation that morning not knowing what the heck we had just done and met Pete Hadjis.

For anyone that doesn’t know Farrell’s, it is a place where an average Joe of any size or shape can come and meet people that are exactly like them. We all walk in and leave our shoes and egos at the door. We are all there for similar reasons and it shows, no judgment. Common interests and camaraderie bring us together to make it through the kickboxing and strength training workouts. Sometimes you need the help and sometimes you give the help.

Pete won’t be happy to read this, but I didn’t come up with any real specific goals, as recommended.

My goals were:

1.) Show up every day

2.) Stick to the dietary plan the best I could

3.) Work my butt off in the gym.

I am a process person; if you do all the right things along the way, the results will happen. Losing 23 lbs., 15 inches, and dropping two minutes from my mile run are the results of my hard work making it happen!*

Getting up for 6:00 AM class was never anything that either of us looked forward to. After we made it through the first couple of weeks, it became very clear; we don’t do this because it’s fun. We do it for the feeling of accomplishment, self-respect and the way it makes us feel the rest of the day. That is what I looked forward to. How far can I push myself and succeed? Learning to eat more of the right things a few more times a day makes all the difference in the world in how you feel. People ask me how we did it for 10 weeks. Even looking back on it now, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. It’s amazing what you can put your mind to when something is important to you and your family.

Thank you to Jen, she initiated this, and I’m so proud of her for being there every day with me. I couldn’t have done it without her (even though she did miss the last day). We have finished the first stage of a ride that will last the rest of our lives. I’m most proud that our 12-year-old daughter has been able to see her parents set a goal, make some compromises and do whatever they needed to do to achieve it. Learning that when it’s something that you really want, you should just go out and get it. We both are very curious to see what the next stage of Life at Level 10 will bring us. I can’t speak highly enough of Farrell’s and Pete Hadjis. Accountability and inspiration is what is provided, you bring the rest. Farrell’s Bettendorf will change your life. Forty-five minutes a day for 10 weeks is a small price to pay for a life-changing lesson.


Ben and JenJen’s Story:

I would consider myself active as I play recreation volleyball and softball year-round. Once in my 40’s, I realized that I needed to do more as my body was changing. I wanted to lose a little weight and get toned. Classes at the YMCA we’re ok, but I couldn’t stay motivated to continue for more than a month or so. I knew that I needed someone to hold me accountable. Ben was that someone. He would help me achieve my goals and I would help him live longer (his health was a real concern of mine).

Mowing the lawn and shoveling was his only form of exercise. Over the years, he had put on weight that wasn’t coming off. We tried a diet program in 2014 and both had some success, but it didn’t add the muscle tone that I craved. Once off the program, the weight went back on.

One day in April, I saw an Farrell’s ad on Facebook with a picture of a guy that looked like my Ben. He had just finished the 10-week program and won the $1,000 contest. This picture changed our lives! I showed it to Ben and as soon as I heard the slightest bit of interest in his voice, I jumped on “the train” before he got off. Ben gave me a series of questions to ask (including whether or not they had a AED on-site *jokingly). When Pete and I talked, I knew he was the one that would help us. Ben agreed and we were on the Farrell’s train just four short days later.

We finished the program in June with perfect attendance. Ben got hooked. I got hooked. The 5:30 alarm clock became a habit as did the sore muscles. Believe me, there were days that we wanted to stay in bed, but we pushed each other. I have never been more proud of Ben! He always commented on how good he felt walking out the doors after a kickboxing or strength training workout. He’s right. It’s a powerful feeling of energy and pride! All in all, I lost 7 lbs. and 10 inches.* I finally see muscle tone peeking through that I haven’t seen since college and have a thinner, more healthy husband.

We joined up as FIT Members and plan to continue our fitness success with Farrell’s Bettendorf six days a week. Our goal is to stay “on the train” to see just how much healthier we can become.

Thanks for all of the inspiration that our classmates gave us and a HUGE thank you to Pete for holding us accountable. We could’ve have done it without you all!!

Ben and Jen are FIT Members at our Bettendorf, IA Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

Want to experience the Farrell’s program? Register for a Free Class or find a location and enroll in our upcoming session!





Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

About Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a results based fitness program for participants of any age. In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make real changes in your fitness and overall health.

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