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Forest Lake Farrell’s is Now Open!

This past Saturday, October 1, Jeff and Rhea Friederichs opened their doors to the first group of 10-week students at our newest location in Forest Lake, MN. They had a great start, welcoming new members to the program at orientation.

Jeff and Rhea are very excited to begin motivating and transforming lives within their gym. Check out our past blog about their journey from members to owners!

Alongside them were many owners and other members from across our Twin Cities location, helping welcome everyone to the program.



Chis, before and after

One of those members helping was Chris from Farrell’s Lino Lakes, who joined Farrell’s in January of 2016, won the $1,000 challenge for his 10-week session and is now setting his goal on the $10,000 National Challenge! Chris, and many of his family members are now members across three of our locations!

Another member, Trisha, is extremely excited for this new location as she was able to transfer here from Farrell’s Elk River, which was a 40-minute commute for her.


Rhea and Trisha

A FIT member, Trisha began her Farrell’s journey five years ago at the Blaine location. After completing her 10-week challenge, Trisha convinced at least 15 friends to join the program, and some of those friends went on to open their own Farrell’s locations.

After deciding it was time to begin a family, Trisha and her husband moved to Forest Lake, MN where the closest Farrell’s was 40 minutes away. Trisha then had two children, and ended up gaining 40-50 pounds. She started working out at another gym, however, it just wasn’t the same, the nutrition aspect was lacking – and so was the motivation.

She learned a new Farrell’s was opening near her home in Forest Lake and Trisha reached out to Rhea about transferring. She has found the motivation she was missing.

Trisha says, “the amazing part, to me, is that all ages and sizes can be successful in this program. When I am giving it my all and I am down to 10 minutes left in class, others push me.”

Farrell’s Forest Lake is taking new members through Saturday, October 8th for their first 10-week session. Enroll online or call (651) 464-4041.


Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by actual members. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

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