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Investing In My Health at Farrell’s

Mindy Before and After Farrell's Bettendorf

Mindy Before and After Farrell’s Bettendorf

My name is Mindy and I’m 43 years old and I am the mother of two beautiful girls Mackenzie (23) and Lexi (13). I recently married my love Brian and together we have 6 kids. I am living and loving life at Level 10 at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping.

I began my Farrell’s journey in January of 2017. For me, this was a new year and it was time for a new me. In the past I always enjoyed working out and trying to stay fit but it was a constant battle. I knew I had the physical ability to do whatever it took to get in shape but for me it was mainly mental. I could go to the gym and workout religiously, but would eventually fall off “the wagon.” I also thought that if I worked out regularly I could eat whatever I wanted. It worked in my twenties and thirties . . . not so much now.

I had heard about Farrell’s through friends and family and knew that I wanted to try it. When I heard that a Farrell’s location was coming to Bettendorf I literally knew before it even opened that I was joining no matter what the cost was. I planned on doing the 10-week challenge to give me that boost I needed and then get back into the routine of the gym life I had known. Once I started getting up at 4:15am (yes I said AM) and attending the 5am class, I realized that this is definitely a challenge. It was not only a physical challenge, but it was a mental challenge, only this time I wasn’t alone. I had people that were in the same boat as me. Every day I would look around the room to see if people were on the same struggle bus as me and there were. This is where my “A-ha” moment happened. I knew that with encouragement from our coach Pete and my fellow teammates that this is something that I couldn’t just quit after 10 weeks. Not only was I making lifelong friends, I was seeing results. I started to feel good again and have more energy and was coming home showing my husband my new kickboxing moves!

Mindy and husband working out at Farrell's Bettendorf

Mindy and husband working out at Farrell’s Bettendorf

Before completing my 10-week challenge and becoming a FIT member I knew that I wanted to share this experience with my husband who was skeptical of all the hype that I was posting via social media. I made the executive decision and just signed him up. I’m pretty sure he had to be thinking “happy wife, happy life.” Well he is correct. Now we both were on a fitness journey together and I am happy about this!

Farrell’s has reminded me that my health is important. This fitness program has given me the tools that I need to stay on track with my eating habits and my accountability. I remember one of the very first days at orientation and Pete had said “start with small goals.” I subconsciously say these words over and over to remind myself that transformation does not happen overnight and that I have to keep working to achieve the larger goals I am reaching for.

Currently, I have lost 15 pounds many inches and I am down 4 pant sizes.* Physically I am transforming and mentally I have become a happier person inside and out. This is a huge victory for me. I want to continue to be that role model that my kids look up to. I want to show them that investing in your health is worth it. I am thankful everyday for Pete and everyone at Farrell’s Bettendorf for allowing me to stay accountable. I am thankful for my husband who supports our health and happiness and my long-term goal of someday crossing a bodybuilding competition off of my bucket list.

I would recommend Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping to anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change. Farrell’s has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Everybody needs to be held accountable. Everybody needs support and motivation. You will have that at Farrell’s.

Mindy is a FIT Member at our Bettendorf, IA Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

Experience Farrell’s for yourself! Try Farrell’s for free or find your location and enroll today!



* Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.


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